Big Blend Radio: Champagne Sundays – Music & Wellness 07/09 by Huge Blend Radio

Join Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, Both the mother-daughter Traveling team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine along with Spirit of America Magazine, Including Large Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays Variety Show! ON THIS EPISODE: – Fixing Neen – Tonier Cain, recovered crack addict turned nationwide recognized motivational speaker and trauma care specialist discusses psychological healthcare and substance abuse treatment. Cain is the topic of the poignant memoir, “Healing Neen,” and also feature-length documentary of the same title, that exposes her traumatic childhood filled with rape, abuse and fail, and is also a tribute to her amazing resilience. – Mature Bones — New album by The Brighter Still, an Arizona-based indie rock group featuring guitarist and lead vocalist Ryan David Orr, drummer Donavan Cotton, bass player Slade Nooney, keyboardist David Sprinkle, percussionist and backing vocalist Sumiko Sprinkle.

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Top Deals On Spitalfields Office Space

Do you have a business that is currently operating in Spitalfields? This location, a former parish, is part of Central and East London. There is a marketplace there, close to Liverpool Street station, a place that gets quite a bit of traffic. This would include the old Spitalfields marketplace and the newer locations throughout the region. will help you if you would like to have an office here, this could greatly enhance the number of people that come to your business simply because of foot traffic that goes through the area.

How To Find Out About Available Openings

You can find many available openings. There are likely several that are available right now. Some of them are going to be very expensive due to the prime location, whereas others might be much more affordable. There are several companies that advertise these for businesses. You should be able to find one that is going to be the right size for your company. Moving into this area could be a very positive move for your business, especially if you can get one at an affordable cost.

Ways To Secure One Today

There are several ways that you can secure this quickly. First of all, find websites that are currently advertising rentals in the area and they will have a few listings in the Spitalfields area. You can either take a virtual tour, or you could drive over if you are close by, to see what is available. Once everything is set up, you will see that your research has allowed you to get into a very nice location. It will also be very affordable by comparison to all of the other potential rentals that were available in Spitalfields. Take some time today, and over the next few weeks, you will be able to move into your new business location.

Britney Spears to Be Honored Using First-Ever Icon Award in 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards

Britney Spears to Be Honored With First-Ever Icon Award at Radio Disney Music Awards

Britney Spears Mickey Mouse Disney
James Devaney, WireImage

From The Mickey Mouse Club in ’93 all the way to now, Britney Spears and her former employer, Mr. Mickey Mouse, have enjoyed a long, amicable connection.

And, in the Most Recent case of Disney revealing love for your “Don’t Go Knockin’ On My Door” pop icon, the upcoming 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards will honor the Princess of Pop™ together with the very first-ever Icon Award.

The announcement affirms that Brit Brit will likely be in attendance at this year’s service, which is being held on April 29 in the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, and will air on the Disney Channel on April 30.

The series will also include performances from a ton of up-and-coming pop princesses following in the footsteps of their Holy Spearit herself, such as Sabrina Carpenter, Noah Cyrus, Bridgit Mendler and Julia Michaels exactly the same singer-songwriter who just occurred to co-write a lot of tracks from Britney’s most up-to-date studio album, Glory.

Congratulations, Britney!

But for the fans watching at home, the authentic award will be the inescapable Britney response shots in the crowd.


Britney’s 2002 ‘Crossroads’ Premieres Have Been a Veritable Who’s Who of Early ’00s Pop Legends:

Solange Gives A Grown AF Performance At NYC’s Radio City Music Hall [Recap]

Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari

Solange observes the year anniversary of A Seat at the Table using a 30-piece band, unique guest Verdine White, along with each of the tastes.

“The folks who resonate with my work are increased as fuck and are creatives in their own ways,” advised the sold-out Radio City Music Hall audience last night with gratitude attitude. “And to have this community means so much to me personally. There are many different sides of me : the side that wants to twerk and also the side that loves the Sun Ra Arkestra. I’ve been able to exist in those facets of myself along with you men adopt this. So thank you!” And the crowd went wild.

Last year’s incredible A Seat at the Table celebrated its first anniversary of release last Saturday. Some 367 days later, Solange and a 30-piece band (string section and horns included) knocked New York City lifeless using two back-to-back shows that prove her third record’s ceaseless staying power. Raising the curtain with “Lift” and closing with the rousing sing-along “Do not Touch My Hair,” her positivist, intra-cultural messages resonated even deeper using a multicultural America living during the everyday WTF-kery of President Drumpf.

A huge orb sat center-stage (appearing like a peach/booty emoji whenever the house lamps bathed everything in red), two pyramids flanking both the far left and right, as Solange stalked Radio City at a typically stylish blue-green white. In-between songs heavy with A Seat at the Table selections, ” she joked about being on her stage, alternated interpretive dancing with hot twerks, and hit high notes easily.

Bruno Mars played with Brooklyn last night, too, also Solange’s core group of nine players are reminiscent of Mars’s funk-flavored troupe from the feeling that they often move as you–choreography, singing rebounds and musicianship shared equally between everyone. Hardcore fans were rewarded with choice cuts from her 2002 debut Solo Star (“Crush”), the Actual EP of 2012 (“Bad Girls”), also 2008’s Sol-Angel along with also the Hadley St. Dreams (“T.O.N.Y.”), records she rightly insisted on tripping in the aftermath of her latest album’s grand achievements. Legendary Earth, Wind & Fire bassist Verdine White guested on “Bad Girls” (he plays bass on the original); Solange commended the 66-year-old vet afterward for teaching her “everything I understand.”

The 6,000-strong crowd–running the variety of beautiful black women and their dates, Afropunk fashionistas and bearded hipsters–vowed allegiance to Solange by running down all the lyrics during highpoints such as “F.U.B.U.” and also “Cranes from the Sky,” and vibration bodies down to the ground. The celebrity herself did much dance, her private PA wires shook loose from her outfit than formerly (roadies running of the sidelines to receive her jacked back into the matrix).

A Seat at the Table continues its run as a #woke audio classic a complete year after its release. With a handful of 2017 dates left at Austin, Atlanta, Berkeley and Houston, Solange carrying her show on the street is not to be missed.

Check out highlights from last night’s epic adventure under:

Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari
Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari
Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari
Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari
Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari
Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari
Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari
Photo Credit: Ahad Subzwari

Miles Marshall Lewis is a very favorite cultural writer and writer. Practice him (along with us! ) on interpersonal networking @furthermucker.

Obtain Quality Cabinets For Keys

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