COUNTDOWN TO GREAT RADIO — Radio NewYork International

Yes it tis almost time for John P. Lightning along with also the Extravagonzo, on 11L/RNI.

Join Mister L. and in studio guest, Dave THE Boogie Man, for three hours or thereabouts, of fantastic talk and more radio.

Of course we will discuss last months election results, engage in some extreme silliness, and we encourage your involvement by E Mail (, or by simply calling in at 347 850 0442.

The fun and excitement starts at 8 PM Eastern Time on WBCQ (in 5.130 MHZ International Shortwave) and herecxme7bqucaalbpd-jpg_large in JohnLightning.Com.

A half an hour of tunes that are enticing starts at 7:30 Eastern Time ON LINE ONLY, the best lead in to YOUR Extravagonzo!

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Video Projection Mapping (Obscura Transforms Radio City Music Hall’s…)

Video Projection Mapping is a thrilling new projection method that can turn almost any surface into a lively video screen. Specialized software is used to twist and mask the picture to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. The outcome is a lively projection installation that transcends video projection when done right. The objective of this website is to compile examples of impressive uses of video mapping methods.

“Each artwork has its moderate and that moderate is particularly fitted for one type of communication. Each moderate states something that cannot be uttered too or entirely in any other tongue” –John Dewey

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Obscura Transforms Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular

The Radio City Rockettes are doing their Christmas Spectacular. Audiences undergone this beloved show like never before. Obscura stepped in to make 40TB of lively architectural projection-mapped media on the ceiling of Radio City Music Hall, the biggest proscenium theater in the world, enveloping crowd members within an immersive, eye-popping Christmas Dramatic experience.

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MUSIC, Checco Zalone ai microfoni di Radio 105: “La musica per me è motivo di vita!”

  • MUSIC, Checco Zalone ai microfoni di Radio 105: “La musica per me è motivo di vita!”

    Checco risponde a qualche domanda della nostra Ylenia. Ascoltate cosa ha da dirci…

    Seconda puntata di MUSIC e anche stasera la nostra Ylenia è pronta a intervistare gli ospiti saliti sul palco, a fianco di Bonolis.

    Non poteva mancare Checco Zalone, che si dice molto emozionato! Molto popolare e conosciuto per la sua ironia, quando gli si chiede il merito, risponde simpaticamente “Grazie ai miei geni, chiedete a mia madre!” .

    E la musica cos’è, per lui?

    La risposta è bellissima! Ascoltatela guardando il video.

    In evidenza