What Is Everence Tattoo

Lately, there has been a focus in the investing world where people that invest their money don’t want it used in certain industries. There are now Green funds that allow an investor to stay away from oil, gas, and coal investments and anything possibly related to dirty, air-polluting industries. Instead, the fund invests in alternative power or any of thousands of other avenues that don’t pollute. There are also faith-based investment companies, Everence Life is one, that takes the time to investigate and make sure that the companies they put money into are socially responsible in a certain way.

It Started With Alcohol And Tobacco

Although big oil has gotten a reputation for causing certain investors to flee, the original socially responsible investors began in the 1700’s. This is when groups of investors decided that owning slaves and generating income from them was something they wanted no part of. Soon alcohol manufacturing was included and then gun makers were added as well. These were considered “sinful” enterprises that a good Christian wouldn’t want to participate in.

Later, in the 1960’s, other investment groups found that they could concentrate on women’s rights and equality, environmental problems, worker’s rights, and other social niches. These became popular with certain groups that were adamant about where the money they invested was spent.

Investing As A Group Creates Empowerment

Of course, each and every person that wants to invest can go about researching the various companies and find those suitable for their own beliefs. However, when groups band together and create a large community of like-minded investors they have more influence and power on the world level. In other words, by being part of a larger organization, it’s possible to do more good with less time spent on research.

Many of the investment dollars are funneled into microloans that are designed to help small communities plant crops, start small businesses, and other opportunities that can have long-term impacts on people’s lives. Keeping the principles centered on compassion, justice, peace and other core values has helped the broader portfolios in the Everence funds prosper.

They’re constantly in search of new investments that promote positive values that support human dignity while still caring for the environment and always keeping an eye on sustainability. They avoid companies that participate in alcohol production, gambling, weapons manufacturing, tobacco, and anything military related.

Community investing and helping small villages and towns develop long-term strategies has been good for the shareholders of Everence as well as those receiving the loans. There is now a Credit Union that offers worldwide acceptance, high-interest checking, and responsible lending that facilitates members in every country.

The company also gives grants to further the education of students around the world as well as charities and nonprofit organizations that have similar values. Members can also now concentrate their holdings in certain communities that they have interest in if they have that desire.

If you feel the need to redirect your investment money into a well-managed fund that concentrates on taking care of the Earth, community and it’s people, you can’t go wrong with Everence. Everence logo has plenty of information available online to help you decide if that’s the type of investing you’d like your money focused on.