Female pop band spark outrage in Saudi Arabia with music video mocking Donald Trump and condemning oppression of women

A music-video in Saudi Arabia having a group of female performers dressed up in Donaldtrump while dancing – and Islamic mocking males has sparked outrage within the nation that was traditional.

The appealing place tune entitled Hwages, meaning “concerns” in Arabic, continues to be branded “extremely and “disgusting” inappropriate” by several Saudi people on social networking.

The music-video entitled Hwages means “concerns” and slams the oppression of Saudi ladies
Feminine group interest outrage in Saudi Arabia with music-video mocking males

Within the questionable clip lad is visible driving a car saturated in ladies as the song mocks the regulation that prohibits girls from operating of their state.

Subsequently ladies that are three veiled seem to show they all can get it done by enjoying baseball driving in bumper vehicles and rollerskating performing about oppression of ladies in Saudi.

The words, which compiled and was created by producer Alesa that is Saudi, contain: “if perhaps we would be clear by Lord of males”.

Within this music-video, Saudi ladies is visible enjoying baseball, skating, busting out in party and driving bumper vehicles
They perform: “Might males be eliminated because they trigger us to possess psychological ailments”
The appealing tune went viral and it has divided the Saudi country
The tune mocks president elect Donaldtrump who had been swept up in sexual harassment accusations throughout the US elections
Under Saudi Arabia’s regulation, ladies cannot do something without seeking authorization from the male general

Girls additionally have a swipe at Leader- of harassing women Trump, who had been charged.

“Might males be eradicated as they trigger us to possess psychological ailments,” the women sing. ” all of them get insane, Might, they be seemingly held.”


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On facebook the movie continues to be seen significantly more than two-million times because its launch.

Others were totally annoyed although several took to Facebook to reward their initiatives to greatly help empower females residing in the routine.

One tweeted: ” the Islamic ladies in our nation offend. Preachers to refuse this? where are our “

Another named it “inexpensive and excessively improper”.

It uses, Saudi ladies were ultimately permitted the best to vote this past year – however they stay not able to generate vehicles, connect to males, play activities, and sometimes even attempt on when buying garments.

Under the regulation in Saudi Arabia, all-women need the authorization of the male protector – usually dad, sibling, spouse or a dad – to visit, wed, start a banking account, obtain training or a work .

He was also fined £6,540 with a courtroom in Dammam, asian Saudi Arabia, for “inciting to finish guardianship of women”.

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