Indie R&B Singer Monique Nikkole Releases “Say Yes” Music Video

W/Spirit singer Nikkole is able to “Say after going right through some challenges in her life amp. Within the associated music-video on her fresh solitary, she illustrates success and her strifes of her street to relationship.

Her dad pressed her to move back from seeking a lifetime career in audio to get a degree, due to his encounter in the market, although Monique started performing at an earlier era. About delivering her music she currently functions like a reputable regulation skilled, but never-lost religion. She really wants to provide lighting to simply hasn’t been stated her method or what goes unspoken.

She breaks designers like Celine Deion Sherlie Murdock Morgan Mills Knight and Labelle on her motivation.

Monique has possessed a writing company, two manufacturing businesses, an audio administration company, three recording galleries and movie company. With more than 20 years of entrepreneurial and expert acumen Nikkole is just a singer having an honest curiosity about the audio market and it has utilized her free time to work well with increasing superstars and designers seeking amusement and popularity bundle via her businesses.