Interg8 Look Beyond Radio For Music Discovery

  • Webinar Oct. 26th

    The newest post about the INTEGR8 RESEARCH website slipped into brand new music discovery and found both great news and bad news. The great news is that local FM radio stations remain the major source for 15-39 listeners to find new music. That bad news is that radio is no longer dominating among adolescents, that are receiving their music repair from sound providers and YOUTUBE, particularly in new music discovery.

    Just 34 percent of adolescents hear the latest new music first from a regional radio channel, while almost as many listen to new music in YOUTUBE or an on-demand sound service.

    Automobile owners that are connected are gravitating toward options to FM radio. Just 43% of car owners state they hear the latest new music first on FM radio, although 33% hear new music on an sound support that is on-demand. That change is larger compared to any other device analyzed.

    Yet those at INTEGR8 believe radio has a credit card recover a dominance in music discovery. That trump card is going to be revealed in a webinar entitled webinar “ALEXA along with the Vanishing AM-FM Radio,” to be held THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26th in 2p ET/11a PT.   Click on here to register for the webinar.