Radio station pulls anti-medical marijuana ad after complaints

A minimum of one Salt Lake City-area radio station has actually stopped airing a promotion opposing Utah’s Recommendation 2 after complaints that the place included false as well as deceptive declarations regarding medical cannabis.

Kayvon Motiee, head of state of Broadway Media, said the ad by the Medicine Safe Utah coalition is no more broadcasting on 101.5 The Eagle (KEGA), the only Broadway station that had been running the opposition message.

“We wish to draw the ad up until we can confirm the truthfulness,” Motiee said. “All in all, we had 53 grievances over the weekend about it.”

Broadway Media likewise possesses X96, U92, Mix 105.1, ESPN700 and Rewind 100.7, but Motiee said the place had actually not yet operated on those terminals.

Federal Communications Commission documents show that Drug Safe Utah also acquired $3,000 of radio airtime on KSL, set up to run between Sept. 5 as well as Sept. 11. And also the coalition acquired roughly $2,500 of airtime on Talk Radio 105.9 KNRS, which holds the popular “Pole Arquette Program,” according to FCC records.

Tanya Vea, general supervisor of KSL, validated that the ad began airing on Wednesday. KSL is possessed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Saints, which has appeared in resistance to the ballot step.

“There’s been no difficulty to the advertisement on our part,” Vea claimed.

On Tuesday, the Utah Sufferers Coalition– which funded the tally initiative to legislate clinical cannabis in Utah– filed a formal complaint with the state’s political election workplace pertaining to the ad as well as various other anti-medical marijuana project materials. The team affirmed that Medication Safe Utah– a union that consists of the Utah Medical Association as well as the LDS Church– has actually made incorrect claims regarding Proposition 2, including that the effort would certainly help with leisure use cannabis.

If accepted by citizens in November, Recommendation 2 would allow patients with qualifying clinical requirements and also a physician’s suggestion to get a clinical marijuana card as well as lawfully buy clinical cannabis from a privately possessed dispensary.

“These brand-new initiatives are part of a larger pattern on [Drug Safe Utah’s] component to exist to the public,” the Utah Sufferers Coalition states in its grievance. “While we respect those that differ with the legalization of clinical cannabis in Utah, the Utah Sufferers Union takes into consideration using incorrect declarations to be repugnant, particularly when their effect would be to proceed criminalizing individuals in Utah.”

Drug Safe Utah responded to the complaint with a statement that implicated pro-recreational cannabis teams outside the state of trying to silence the realities of Proposition 2. Those teams, Medication Safe Utah claimed, do not want Utahns to know that some forms of clinical marijuana are already lawful in the state, that Proposition 2 consists of eye doctors, podiatric doctors as well as dentists in the list of medical professionals that could advise marijuana as a therapy, which the effort does not have the conventional safeguards of medical method.

“Medicine Safe Utah stands by its public statements and advertisements and also will certainly respond to this initiative to silence debate,” the union said. “Unlike prescribed medicines, there is no dosage [of medical cannabis], no doctor follow-up needed, no disclosure of dangers. This develops a setting for recreational cannabis to prosper.”

Justin Lee, Utah’s supervisor of political elections, confirmed invoice of the Utah Person Union’s issue Tuesday.

State regulation forbids individuals from purposefully releasing incorrect declarations concerning election problems, Lee said. However it has actually not been determined whether an infraction occurred, he claimed, or what repercussions would certainly comply with a violation.

“We are reviewing it,” he claimed. “There’s not a certain fine attached to this law.”

Best Kitchens Design And Planning

If you are in possession of a little total up to spend it is still feasible to fix up your cooking area substantially. Before you start to redesign your kitchen area, make a plan which has a spending plan and also which attributes of the cooking area that you want to make far better. As a result, obtaining a new kitchen installed can approve you the opportunity to prepare more ambitious meals. Or you may have selected a vintage style kitchen area and also right here it is vital that the drapes fit in with the era you have chosen.

A kitchen pantry is among the area of the very best use you may develop into your newly renovated cooking area. When choosing drapes, consider the design you’re aiming for with your cooking area. The kitchen is regarded as the middle of your house. The largest kitchen areas are normally around 7000. Exists any type of fashion that you may have a sensational deluxe kitchen area without needing to spend way too much or needing to utilize an indoor designer to provide you with suggestions.

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Do not also think about renovating your kitchen area without plans for an island as large as you are able to afford the room to make it. There suffices area on the range in order to make use of each of the burners.

kitchen design ideas

It’s important to select something that makes your cooking area show up fashionable as well as stylish. The look has to do with functioning appropriately and also showcasing your personal design. In any circumstances, you may need to have a great take a look at which of things that resulted in the separate were your fault as well as which were not your fault.

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Obtain the layout right, and also you’ll have your dream kitchen area prior to you understand it. One of the significant points to take into account when it’s currently time to restore the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen area is the closets as well as its timber accompaniments. You might not genuinely understand simply what you require but you do have an idea of the style you take pleasure in and also what your spending plan is.

What to Expect From Cheshire Kitchens?
There are great deals of ways to begin designing your kitchen as well as you have the ability to pick something off the strategy or a designers layout. Luxury kitchens can be achieved on a smaller sized spending plan if you have actually obtained the appropriate know-how. Most high-end kitchens will supply you with an area that you really can appreciate not merely cooking and preparing food, but additionally time with your loved ones. Surf by all means, at the outstanding luxury cooking areas you may not manage.

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Examining present websites as well as publications that feature trendy cooking area layouts will offer you with a remarkable suggestion about how to produce a modern-day kitchen area. Deluxe Kitchens implies a lot more than simply minority things we’ve pointed out above however it boils down to great design, fantastic cabinets and countertops, remarkable devices and also a fantastic area to commit time. In years past they were made without any correct design or beauty. The secret to any kitchen area that’s most likely to be appreciated is that it’s a handy area with very easy availability to every little thing.

The government of Canada makes saying ‘Thank You’ illegal | CBC Radio

The government of Canada makes saying ‘Thank You’ illegal

The new initiative, which will forever change the way that Canadians express appreciation for each other, will make Canada more inclusive, says its staunchest proponent, Heather Tiffany Anderson.

The new initiative, which will forever change the way that Canadians express appreciation for each other, will make Canada more inclusive, says its staunchest proponent, Heather Tiffany Anderson.

“Okay, no. I’m triggered,” Anderson said after Pat Kelly thanked her for coming on the program.

“You’ve affronted me with your thanks,” she said. Anderson believes that the phrase ‘Thank You’ places too much emphasis on the singular accomplishes of an individual.

So instead of saying, ‘Thank You’, Anderson and the new government initiative are asking that Canadians begin saying, ‘Thanks All’.

“I was born and it wasn’t my idea,” Anderson says. “It was the idea of my parents. And when you say ‘Thank You’ to me, you’re kind of slapping them in the face.”

To find out what happens to the tongues of people found to be still saying ‘Thank You’, listen to the full story.

This Is That is an award-winning satirical radio program that doesn’t just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Each week, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring introduce you to the voices and stories that give this country character in this 100% improvised send-up of public radio.

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How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity – Brain Pickings

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How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity

“Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout.”

By Maria Popova

“Each note rubs the others just right, and the instrument shivers with delight. The feeling is unmistakable, intoxicating,” musician Glenn Kurtz wrote in his sublime meditation on the pleasures of practicing, adding: “My attention warms and sharpens… Making music changes my body.” Kurtz’s experience, it turns out, is more than mere lyricism — music does change the body’s most important organ, and changes it more profoundly than any other intellectual, creative, or physical endeavor.

This short animation from TED-Ed, written by Anita Collins and animated by Sharon Colman Graham, explains why playing music benefits the brain more than any other activity, how it impacts executive function and memory, and what it reveals about the role of the same neural structure implicated in explaining Leonardo da Vinci’s genius.

Playing music is the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout… Playing an instrument engages practically every area of the brain at once — especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices. And, as in any other workout, disciplined, structured practice in playing music strengthens those brain functions, allowing us to apply that strength to other activities… Playing music has been found to increase the volume and activity in the brain’s corpus callosum — the bridge between the two hemispheres — allowing messages to get across the brain faster and through more diverse routes. This may allow musicians to solve problems more effectively and creatively, in both academic and social settings.

Because making music also involves crafting and understanding its emotional content and message, musicians also have higher levels of executive function— a category of interlinked tasks that includes planning, strategizing, and attention to detail, and requires simultaneous analysis of both cognitive and emotional aspects.

This ability also has an impact on how our memory systems work. And, indeed, musicians exhibit enhanced memory functions — creating, storing, and retrieving memories more quickly and efficiently. Studies have found that musicians appear to use their highly connected brains to give each memory multiple tags, such as a conceptual tag, an emotional tag, an audio tag, and a contextual tag — like a good internet search engine.

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Published January 29, 2015

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Catholic Radio

Grammy Awards kicks off with surprise Michelle Obama appearance as host Alicia Keys declares music is powerful | Fox News

LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 10: (L-R) Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Lopez speak onstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Alicia Keys had a surprise guest to open the 2019 Grammy Awards on Sunday night: Michelle Obama.

Keys delivered a somewhat rambling speech about music being our “global language,” telling the crowd, “Music is what we all love. Music is what it’s all about … Music is what we cry to, it’s what we march to, it’s what we rock to, it’s what we make love to. It’s our shared global language. When you really want to say something, you say it with a song. “

She then brought out Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Obama and Jennifer Lopez.

Gaga spoke first of the group, telling the crowd, “They said I was weird, that my look, my choices, my sound, that it wouldn’t work. But music told me not to listen to them. Music took my ears, took my hands, my voice and my soul and it led me to all of you and to my little monsters who I love so much.”

Lopez was next to reminisce.

“Back in the Bronx, music gave me a reason to dance … and it kept me moving from the block to the big stages and even bigger screens,” she said. “It reminds me of where I come from but it also reminds me of all the places I can go. Music is the one place we can all feel truly free.”

Pinkett Smith quipped, “Every voice we hear deserves to be heard and respected.”

That’s when the former first lady spoke up, sending the crowd into an uproar.”Amen,” Obama said. “From the Motown records I wore out on the South Side,” she began as the audience stood up and screamed. “Come on, we got a show to do,” she said with a grin. “From the Motown records I wore out on the South Side to the ‘who run the world’ songs of the last decade, music always helped me tell my story. Whether we like country, rap or rock, music helps us share ourselves … it allows us to hear one another to invite each other in it shows us that all of it matters.”

Dean Martin’s Daughter Vows to Sing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ After Ohio Radio Station Bans Classic Song

The daughter of iconic singer Dean Martin has vowed to continue singing her father’s classic Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” despite an Ohio radio station pulling it for supposedly inappropriate lyrics.

“It won the Oscar for ‘Best Original Song’ in the 1949 film ‘Neptune’s Daughter.’ It’s been recorded by dozens of the world’s top recording artists for over 60 years, including my dad Dean Martin,” his daughter Deana Martin told Fox News. “This song is included in his very successful 1959 ‘Winter Romance’ album and I’m very proud that it has become an evergreen favorite that is played every holiday season.”

“I personally love performing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and will continue to do so,” she added. “Merry Christmas!”

Martin’s comments come after various radio stations decided to pull the song, which was first written in 1944 for the romantic comedy film Neptune’s Daughter, over claims it promotes date rape and sexual harassment, with its lyrics including Martin asking a woman to spend the night with him.

Glenn Anderson, one of the hosts of the Ohio radio station WDOK, which first decided to ban the song, described the song as “very manipulative and wrong.”

“Now, I do realize that when the song was written in 1944, it was a different time, but now while reading it, it seems very manipulative and wrong,” he said. “The world we live in is extra sensitive now, and people get easily offended, but in a world where #MeToo has finally given women the voice they deserve, the song has no place.”

After WDOK pulled the song, stations in Cleveland and Colorado also followed suit, sparking a backlash by listeners on social media.

As noted by Breitbart columnist James Zumwalt on Friday, the song’s first major detractor was the “Godfather of the Muslim Brotherhood” Sayyid Qutb, who became enraged after hearing it at a church community event in Greeley, Colorado.

In 2015, The Washington Post also called for a “feminist approved” version of the song, with columnist Jessica Contrera pointing to how “evolving views on the prevalence of rape, especially between non-strangers, has pushed criticism of a Christmas classic into the mainstream.”

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