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A First Nation woman who will Share genocide, rewind in June 7, 2015: Interviews with Amde Hamilton, among the Watts Prophets and Audrey Redman. “Canada’s state-funded Christian schools perpetrate ‘cultural genocide’ and sexually abuse aboriginal pupils, says new report.” Musical tribute to Clarksdale, Mississippi and music from Sister Carol, Fela & Roy Ayers, Doug E. Fresh and Zouk music from Kassav. Visit Norman’s blog. Norman O. Richmond aka Jalali on Facebook. Ras Jimi Jaimin recorded a song, Da Mighty M’s”, that paid homage to Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King ,Elijah Muhammad, Miriam Makeba, Mahalia Jackson, Maurice Bishop,Judy Mowatt, Curtis Mayfield and other people whose first or last names begin with M. The series is produced and hosted by former M & M member Norman (Otis) Richmond a.k.a Jalali. This episode will also be a Tribute to El-Hajj Malik El- Shabazz (Malcolm X). Ossie Davis referred to Malcolm X as “Our Dark Shining Prince”. Malcolm X has been assassinated 51 decades ago on Feb.21, 1925. He would have celebrated his birthday.

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‘Prepper’ radio is not amateur radio


Bundy Ranch

Here is just another reason why you — and your own friends and family — must prep:

“Federal Communications Commission watchdogs may one day carry firearms due to a request to Congress by the agency’s inspector general that his office be allowed to hire armed criminal investigators.”

You might want to take a look at this before you tell me that is an article:

Recall: Being a prepper means really learning from history.

And that is one of the reasons we prep.

Whoo-wee. I received a lot of forum and email remarks on last week’s column, a lot of it (politely) telling me that I’m a paranoid idiot for fretting about the FCC’s “knock in the door.” One helpful email correspondent actually did a little arthritic and decided that I just have a 0.0005 percent chance of ever hearing by the FCC. Others decried my simplistic explanations of this nuanced and complicated esoterica they hold dear as a component of the radio avocation.

I’ve been writing this weekly column for only a bit over a year so far, and I’m grateful for supplying me with the opportunity to assist the not-so-new and brand new prepper along the path to WND. However, every now and then again, it feels like I need to re-grade the street and specify the ditches. So we’ll take this week off from radios — less or more — and reaffirm the explanations for the existence of this column. I need to do so as a few of my commenters do not quite get the rationale of “the functional prepper.” (A special tip of the hat into “KevinR” that gamely, and with amazing patience, kept attempting to point out the white-line farther down the middle of the street.)

While I write about firearms, I’m not writing from the standpoint of a firearms enthusiast (though I do like firearms); and when I talk about increasing food, it isn’t from the standpoint of a gardening devotee. I’m a nut-job prepper that is unhinged; and also being a prepper means I’m preparing for that which I believe is coming, not for what is here.

Radio communication isn’t my hobby or even my (certainly commendable) way of public service. It’s a useful instrument to get a time when its worth surpasses my concerns about a knock on this door. And that seems to frost a whole lot.

I don’t have any doubt that when I access to covering waste disposal — prepper style — then the sanitation engineering fans (there has got to be some) will be around me (fit you have crude play-on-words here) as well.

All of us wacko “distrustful-of-government” survivalist types are constantly thinking about crazy futures. Twenty years ago I was concerned (among many things) about a mandated cashless culture, transgender people (meaning that the mentally ill) being renowned as normal, the IRS being used as a political hammer, leftists rioting in the streets, “wag the dog” wars for political advantage, and escalating attacks in my Christian faith.

I know. However, for some reason, the fever-dream situations produced by my thoughts keep coming true. And (see the articles linked at top) if your FCC visitor isn’t armed now, well … just wait till tomorrow.

Until they do — all governments are infamous for having principles they do not enforce. One of my aims here is to make certain everyone knows about these principles, since they might wind up biting you. Besides, I figure if you’re going to violate the law, you need to know which ones you’re breaking.

Radio usage is defined by the FCC as a “privilege.” A government that possesses the electromagnetic spectrum given to you conditionally it. And because it’s been defined as a privilege (private law), it consequently can’t, based on authorities decree, be a God-given Right; and that means exactly what the government giveth, the government can taketh away.

  • Following the Nazi Machtergreifung in 1933, anyone that allegedly listened to Radio Moscow was observed by the Gestapo and could be transmitted into a concentration camp.
  • Likewise all of the radio broadcasts were banned and all important equipment of German amateur radio operators had been seized by the Reichspost government.

So if (when) the time comes that all you amateur radio folks have your “privilege” suspended in the name of combating terrorism or deterring crime or as “… it is for your children,” you will either have to say, “Thank you sir, can I have another” or you will have to connect me on the outlaw trail.

But do not worry, I will be happy to provide you some advice and training, because that is my own vocation.

For example, the principle in prepping is to set your life in God’s hands. Nevertheless, the second biggest is that the 3-2-1 rule (three will be two, two is one, one is not one). That means either have. If you’ve got a freezer filled with food plugged. If you drop grid power, no worries, then you have another power source such as a chainsaw or a solar array and battery bank to maintain your belongings frozen (that is two); and if this fails, you break out the canning jars, the canner and fire up the gas or wood cook stove. Individuals who prepare foods do not believe this manner.

How do I apply the rule ? Well, my radio equipment all runs on 12 volts or rechargeable batteries. If the power goes off at the wall plug, then I can change into a generator or some solar/battery program or a generator. Each object could be re-positioned. This is luck; it is the addle-pated plot of a nut-job prepper.

While I’m certain there’s a reasonable amount of crossover, so I’m perfectly prepared to bet that a majority of those radio licensees out there do not believe this manner.

Watch, my radio needs aren’t predicated on competing in competitions to speak with all 50 states in a day or earning friends in foreign lands (laudable as these targets might be). I’m not driven to knock another 0.01 away my SWR and that I do not care to boast about bouncing a packet off a meteor tail. Radio communication is safety established strategic, and can be particularly critical for the security of community, friends and my loved ones. Today, while licensed amateur radio has a stellar job in assisting secure those needs by being available to aid in the manipulation of official responses to crises, it is efficacy will be greatly diminished if there’s nobody available to assist when the call goes out, or when people that get the call are somewhat more interested in shutting down the radio caller “… in the interests of national security” than in assisting.

There. I feel safer. The path has been re-marked.

Next week I will cover both power-house bands of prepper radio (and the two of them fall right in the “privileged usage” parts of their radio spectrum). Until then, keep an eye out look into generators, and then prepare.