CUTV News Radio spotlights music therapist Christine Korb 08/02 by CUTV News Radio

Portland, OR — For a lot of us, music is treatment. It is the soundtrack to our lives: it will help us relax; we are excited by it; us move; we are healed by it. However, music’s objective is to convey. There are many people for whom communication is the biggest challenge. Because music is so universal for these individuals, music therapy can function as the bridge to connection. Music therapists work as musicians and clinicians with nearly every possible clientele, from infants and children in the autism spectrum to seniors and veterans struggling with dementia. Along with their results have been nothing short of amazing. ? Music therapy is the elegant marriage between music as science as music and art,? Says songs therapist Christine Korb. ? We use the power of audio to achieve objectives. While most music therapists start as artists and transition Korb started in Chicago as a young social worker. She says she came through the back door as a songwriter to music therapy and went back to school to get a degree in music composition. ? I had to do some thing together with the healing powers of songs,? Recalls Korb. ? It led me in the direction of what music is all about: the elements of how we are affected by it, of the depths. ? Although Korb still functions as a clinician, she is now director of the music therapy program at Pacific University, where she teaches the next generation of music therapists. ? Musicians within their hearts are music therapists and they don’t even recognize it,? Says Korb. ? Is going to be successful as a professional musician. However, there are other avenues to pursue with your talent: meaningful, noble work. Word is getting out that music therapy can help. ?

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Radio Disney Music Awards’ Best Dressed — Dove Cameron, Sofia Longer & Carson

The stars came out to shine bright at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, and we’re completely obsessed with their looks. From Dove Cameron into Sofia Carson, here’s the very best dressed of the nighttime!

It’s time for those RDMAs, and all of those fave stars are slaying the style game. Here’s‘s best dressed stars of the nighttime, such as Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Hailee Steinfeld, Camila Cabello and more!

Let’s start with Dove Cameron, who seemed nothing short of flawless in a brief dress that is off-white with large sleeves. It turned out to be a throwback that is smart to 80’s party glam, and we’re enjoying it! The starlet added a accent buckle to show off her waist and add a pop of color into your gown. Get it, woman!

Then of course there’s Hailee Steinfeld, who had been gold on the red rug — literally. She seemed so fierce. We love how the apparel was, despite it color and fabric, which was the perfect fit for the constantly stylish appearance of Hailee.

Speaking of bold, how beautiful did Sabrina Carpenter seem within her cherry red one-piece? With off-the-shoulder sleeves around her upper arms along with a fitted top, the red suit appeared an awful lot like a contemporary variant of the costume Britney Spears wore in her “Oops… I Did It Again” music video.

As Sofia Carson, she followed the fad by rocking silver onto the rug for. Sofia looked out of this world in a lengthy, glowing trench jacket. While it was an odd choice, we have to applaud Sofia for making it her own and taking the appearance. Slay all day, woman!

Inform us, HollywoodLifers— Which appearance was the absolute FAVE of the evening? Below, tell us!