We Good Music — Lord Knows lyrics — Radio Bamyan

Watch I am constantly telling you which we living in a proud world, yeahWe Great! [Intro: Tomstar]
Man! We Great, Wassup
allow me to introduce myself I am Victor King
I really kill the game you wan na t struggle come guy to man
I am never afraid I got the game
Me and my hand like a basketball android I ball, (woo)
I am Kobe wit it I am a beast on the conquer
And I will confess it
It’s Lord on my shoulder and I am walking it
Running wit it sprint
Just nigga killing it some minute if I would like it Imma move then put it
My DNA ain’t human I am immortal ain’t blowing up
But I am here
I ain’t been a hater (no)
I don’t owe you any favors (no)
I ain’t playing you niggas (no)
Lord knows We Great! [Verse 1: Tomstar]
It’s time to let go off my past now,
I wonder if I do everything I am doing its solid guy I believe I would have been dead now,
That ain’t too late to alter it but maybe I am facing a dead end,
No matter what am I saying the past is past can not alter it take it into Lord now,
No nicely I be on and guy Imma do it again and again and again again and again again,
I am on my knees 365 days that is sure I am searching for graces,
And now I’m graced I carry it in prayers and guy Imma live with these verses,
Plus they ain’t gon follow the term Imma read out the term then I will do it in actions,
I believe I am strong to be shaken,
The Lord is still standing by my side,
They can not do nothing no
Want quit me Holy Ghost flame (outside )
They are back again then Fire (outside ),
I vow I will never become exhausted,
I likely do it to get my Lord now,
They are probably thinking that it’s madness,
I live for God and also no.one else
[Chorus: Takue & Tomstar]
Lord knows I been killing currently
Lord knows I been drinking now
Lord knows I medication been coping
Lord knows I been quitting now
Lord knows I been sinning now
Lord knows I been benefitting today
Lord please I repent now now I want you now like I know I know I know I really
Lord knows I been sinning now
Lord knows I been benefitting today
Don’t sin I am repeling now I want you today
Like I know I know I know that I
[Verse 2: Victor King]
Yeah! Proud world
Tom, King, Lil
We outside. [Pre-Chorus: Takue & Tomstar]
Lord knows I been killing now
Lord knows I been drinking now
Lord knows I medication been coping
Lord knows I been quitting now
Lord knows I been sinning now
Lord knows I been benefitting today
Lord please I am repenting now now I want you now like I know I know I know I
Lord knows I been sinning now
Lord knows I been benefitting today
Don’t sin I am repeling now I want you now like I know I know I know that I
[Chorus: Takue & Tomstar]
Lord knows I already been killing now
Lord knows I been drinking now
Lord knows I medication been coping
Lord knows I been quitting now
Lord knows I been sinning now
Lord knows I been benefitting today
Lord please I am repenting now now I want you now like I know I know I know I
Lord knows I been sinning now
Lord knows I been benefitting today
Don’t sin I am repeling now I want you now like I know I know I know that I
[Outro: Tomstar]
We Good! Aye!

WNKU DJ and kick starts a new podcast on Cincy Audio is picked up by INHAILER Radio

INHAILER Radio picks up before WNKU DJ and kick starts a new podcast on Cincy music

The online, community-based broadcaster is rolling out new updates and programs to help jumpstart your local music arena.

Lovers of radio and music, rejoice.

Although a void was left once, after three years on air, WNKU played its final broadcast in September, a comparatively new participant (among an area of several) has stepped in hoping to pick up where the beloved neighborhood music powerhouse left.

Photo courtesy INHAILER Radio

INHAILER Radio, also a volunteer-run, community-based, on line broadcasting platform, setup its Over-the-Rhine studio on Sycamore Street and just announced a slew of programming and upgrades–including involvement from a few well-known names from the WNKU roster.

Listeners can once again hear the familiar voice of DJ: Matt “Sledge” Waller, formerly at 97X WOXY and WNKU, who is the newest member of their INHAILER team. Like old days, you can grab Sledge every Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. broadcasting modern rock and some of his cherished ’80s new wave.

INHAILER also recently awakened Herzog Music (in which–in its prior life–artists like Hank Williams Sr. recorded hits) to establish the new podcast “Lost On The River.” The podcast features Aaron Sharpe (formerly of WNKU), Elias Leisring (of Eli’s BBQ), and Bill Furbee (of the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation). The series will take a look at the present state of music at the Queen City, and will explore the effect on its present day, Cincinnati’s music history.

Additionally test out INHAILER’s newest specialty program United Waves, including jams from all over the globe every Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m.

The broadcaster has on-air DJs from 7 a.m. to 7 pm, every weekday, along with specialty programming.

For more information or to listen, visit inhailer.com or download the program.

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Web Radio Earns Crypto For Listening To Music?

About   BitRadio

New technologies revolutionizing the way that we consider radios and even are now renovating. BitRadio, the stage which we’ll review today, is one. It’s a free to utilize radio that is community-driven service which currently has more than radio stations on it.

Right now, Bitrad.io is on its Beta version, which is still far away from the final version created by the company, so many features are still able to be changed before the official version of the system has been eventually released. The software is open source, so anybody will be able to find the code and also to make suggestions on how best to develop this company in the future.

How Does BitRadio Work?

BitRadio is an evidence of stake platform. This means that the system works with staking. You get 0.5 BRO token each time that you finish a cube. For staking, anyone can 2500 BRO tokens is able to run a master node and can get more rewards.

The technology is 100% transparent. Everyone is able to find the transactions so no private information is attached to the transactions but they are anonymous. The company states that the transactions are eco-friendly and fast because they don’t require the identical amount of power that cryptocurrency mining does.

Lastly, you can even have money from listening to music on the stage. Every time you are active in the system, you get activity points and also BRO tokens are sent to the individuals who listened to music in the past hour.

The Bitrad.io Wallet

You’ll need a wallet to keep your BitRadio BRO tokens. The company now has a wallet that is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux (Debian and also Raspbian). It is possible to download it on Github and set up on your computer.

At the moment the business does not seem to have a wallet compatible with tablets. On the other hand, you can find players developed for both iPhones and iPads (although not Android programs in the time of the report).

The BitRadio Resources

BitRadio has lots of resources which may help you to become informed and to use the stage better. One of the primary resources is the Bitrad.io forum. The forum was created while it is still being created, so the users can debate and assist in the construction of the system.

The market, as you might imagine, is also another important source since it is the point where the consumers of the cryptocurrency exchange it and purchase Bitrad.io tokens. The company has also created a block explorer, where you can see because they are stored on the eternally all of of the transactions which were made before.

There is a sport in which you are able to use your tokens to bet from 1 to 9,999 on a number , the BitRadio Dice if the number is significantly less than the amount that you bet on and you win. The numbers are created through the blockchain, thus there is not any foul play and it is impossible to create a scam.

BitRadio (BRO Token) Decision

BitRadio seems to be an interesting platform for making cryptocurrency at a passive way. You basically don’t have to invest too much with this particular platform but you can surely make a fantastic quantity of money by staking and listening to songs, so that makes Bitrad.io a very interesting platform for you personally.

The company is not using a purchase but you can purchase its tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, if you liked the company and you wish to assist it, you can contribute cryptocurrency for it. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Monero are approved.


Tudo o que rolou ‘Radio Music Awards 2018’

Rolou na noite deste domingo (11), em Inglewood, na Califórnia, a quinta edição perform “iHeartRadio Music Awards”, premiação que consagra os artistas que mais se destacaram nas rádios norte-americanas. Direto perform “The Forum”, a musa Hailey Baldwin e o craque DJ Khaled comandaram that a cerimônia, marcada por boas performances, merecidas homenagens, lançamento de videoclipe e muitas estatuetas, claro.

A premiação foi bem equilibrada, digamos… Ed Sheeran; Cardi B; BTS e Luis Fonsi se destacaram levando cada um, dois troféus. O ruivinho foi eleito, o “Artista Masculino do Ano” e faturou também “Melhor Música” por “Form of You”. A rapper saiu vitoriosa em “Artista Revelação” e “Artista Revelação de Hip Hop”, enquanto os meninos perform BTS em “Melhor Boyband” e “Melhor Fanbase”. Luis Fonsi, por sua vez, terminou a noite com duas estatuetas: “Melhor Artista Latino” e “Melhor Música Latina”, por “Despacito”.

E pela primeira vez, uma brasileira saiu vitoriosa da premiação. Anitta venceu, com o voto hot, and a disputa na categoria “Estrela das Redes Sociais”. Infelizmente, a fofa não conseguiu marcar presença no bapho, por questões de schedule, mas deixou um vídeo de agradecimento.

Além dessas, outras três estatuetas pra lá de especiais foram entregues durante a cerimônia. O talentoso Chance the Rapper recebeu das mãos de ninguém menos que Pharrell Williams, o “Innovator Award” por seu vanguardismo na indústria. Já nosso cristalzinho cubano Camila Cabello se tornou a primeira a ganhar o “Fangirls Book”, que “reconhecerá mulheres que expandiram fronteiras com sua música e sua mensagem além de inspirar seus fãs ao redor do globo”.   Por fim, os caras perform “Bon Jovi” foram homenageados banda o “Icon Book” por toda a contribuição da banda ao mundo da música nesses 35 anos de carreira.

Outro ponto alto da noite ficou por conta Taylor Swift! A loira escolheu a premiação para fazer a estreia de seu novo videoclipe, o quarto da era “Reputation”. Oficializada como single, a ótima “Delicate” ganhou um tratamento visual dirigido pelo parceiro de longa information, Joseph Khan. No more vídeo, extremamente coreografado (eba!) , a loira se torna invisível de uma hora pra outra e passa a fazer coisas que normalmente não pode fazer por aí… A gente adorou; assista:

Né ?!, A fofa na coreo E se Taylor, por conta de sua turnê, não pôde dar uma passadinha no palco do bapho artistas subiram até lá e entoaram seus grandes sucessos. Camila Cabello, por exemplo, fez uma nova e ótima performance de “Havana”; Cardi B apresentou um medley de “Bartier Cardi”; “Motorsport” e “No Limit”, essa com o G-Eazy e o Bon Jovi mandou ver em “It Is My Name” e “You Give Love a Bad Name”. Também tivemos performances de “Wait”, do Maroon 5 ; “The Long”m do Charlie Puth Portable de “Perfect” perform Ed Sheeran. Assista às principais e confira na sequência a lista completa de vencedores:

Cardi B Portable G-Eazy — Bartier Cardi”; “Motorsport” e “No Limit”

Camila Cabello — “Havana”

Eminem e Kehlani — Nowhere Fast

Bon Jovi — “It’s My Life” Portable “You Give Love a Bad Name”

Confira a lista de premiados:

Música do Ano
“Despacito” — Luis Fonsi Portable Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber
“Form Of You” — Ed Sheeran — VENCEU
“Something Just Like That” — The Chainsmokers e Coldplay
“That’s What I Like” — Bruno Mars
“Wild Thoughts” — DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna e Bryson Tiller

Artista Feminina perform Ano
Alessia Cara​
Taylor Swift — VENCEU

Artista Masculino perform Ano
Bruno Mars
Charlie Puth
Ed Sheeran — VENCEU
Shawn Mendes
The Weeknd

Artista Revelação
Cardi B — VENCEU
Niall Horan
Luke Combs
Christian Nodal
Judah & the Lion

Melhor Grupo/Duo perform Ano
Imagine Dragons
Maroon 5 — VENCEU
Portugal. The Man
The Chainsmokers

Melhor Colaboração:
“Despacito” — Luis Fonsi Portable Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber
“Do Notna Know” — Maroon 5 accomplishment. Kendrick Lamar
“Something Just Like That” — The Chainsmokers Portable Coldplay — VENCEU
“Stay” — Zedd e Alessia Cara
“Wild Thoughts” — DJ Khaled campaign. Rihanna e Bryson Tiller

Artista Revelação de Pop
Camila Cabello
Julia Michaels
Liam Payne
Niall Horan — VENCEU

Música de Rock Alternativo perform Ano
“Believer” — Imagine Dragons
“Feel It” — Portugal. The Man — VENCEU
“Thunder” — Envision Dragons
“Walk On Water” — Nine Seconds To Mars
“Wish I Knew You” — The Revivalists

Melhor Artista de Rock Alternativo
Cage The Elephant
Imagine Dragons — VENCEU
Judah & The Lion
Kings Of Leon
Portugal. The Man

Artista Revelação de Rock/Rock Alternativo
Greta Van Fleet
Judah & The Lion — VENCEU
Rag’n’Bone Man
The Revivalists

Música de Rock perform Ano
“Go To War” — Nothing Longer
“Assist” — Papa Roach
“Run” — Foo Fighters — — VENCEU
“Rx (Medicate)”” — Theory of a Deadman
“Song #3” — Stone Sour

Melhor Artista de Rock
Foo Fighters
Highly Suspect
Metallica — VENCEU
Papa Roach
Royal Blood

Música Country perform Ano
“Body Like A Back Road” — Sam Hunt — VENCEU
“Dirt On My Boots” — Jon Pardi
“Hurricane” — Luke Combs
“Small Town Boy” — Dustin Lynch
“Unforgettable” — Thomas Rhett

Melhor Artista Country
Blake Shelton
Jason Aldean
Luke Bryan
Sam Hunt
Thomas Rhett — VENCEU

Artista Revelação de Country
Brett Young
Jon Pardi
Kane Brown
Lauren Alaina
Luke Combs — VENCEU

Música Dance perform Ano
“It Ain’t Me” — Kygo Portable Selena Gomez
“No Promises” — Cheat Codes accomplishment. Demi Lovato
“Rockabye” — sterile Bandit e Anne-Marie feat. Sean Paul
“Something Just Like That” — The Chainsmokers Portable Coldplay
“Stay” — Zedd e Alessia Cara — VENCEU

Melhor Artista Dance
Calvin Harris
Cheat Codes
The Chainsmokers — VENCEU

Música de Hip-Hop perform Ano
“Poor and Boujee” — Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert
“Bodak Yellow” — Cardi B
“HUMBLE.” — Kendrick Lamar
“Rockstar” — Post Malone
“Wild Thoughts” — DJ Khaled accomplishment. Rihanna e Bryson Tiller — VENCEU

Melhor Artista de Hip-Hop
DJ Khaled
Kendrick Lamar — VENCEU

Artista Revelação de Hip-Hop
21 Savage
Cardi B — VENCEU
Lil Uzi Vert
Playboi Carti

Música R&B perform Ano
“B.E.D.” — Jacquees
“Location” — Khalid
“Love Galore” — SZA feat. Travis Scott
“Redbone” — Childish Gambino
“That’s What I enjoy” — Bruno Mars — VENCEU

Melhor Artista de R&B
Bruno Mars — VENCEU
Childish Gambino​
The Weeknd

Artista Revelação de R&B
Kevin Ross​
Khalid — VENCEU

Música Latina perform Ano
“Despacito” — Luis Fonsi Portable Daddy Yankee — VENCEU
“El Amante” — Nicky Jam
“Hey DJ” — CNCO
“Mi Gente” — J Balvin feat. Willy William
“Súbeme La Radio” — Enrique Iglesias

Melhor Artista Latino
J Balvin
Luis Fonsi — VENCEU
Nicky Jam

Artista Revelação de Música Latina
Abraham Mateo
Bad Bunny
Danny Ocean
Karol G
Ozuna — VENCEU

Música Regional Mexicana perform Ano
“Adios Amor” — Deadly Nodal
“Ella Es Mi Mujer” — Banda Carnaval
“Las Ultras” — Calibre 50
“Regresa Hermosa” — Gerardo Ortiz
“Siempre Te Voy A Querer” — Calibre 50

Artista Regional Mexicano perform Ano
Banda Carnaval
Banda Los Recoditos
Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga
Calibre 50
Gerardo Ortiz

Artista Revelação de Regional Mexicano
Christian Nodal — VENCEU
Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey
El Fantasma
Ulices Chaidez y Sus Plebes

Produtor perform Ano
Andrew “Pop” Wansel along with Warren “Oak” Felder
Andrew Watt — VENCEU
Benny Blanco
Justin Tranter
Steve Mac

Melhor Letra — voto favorite
“Bodak Yellow” — Cardi B
“Despacito” — Luis Fonsi Portable Daddy Yankee
“There’s Nothing Holding Me” — Shawn Mendes
“Look What You Made Me Do” — Taylor Swift
“Perfect” — Ed Sheeran
“Slow Hands” — Niall Horan — VENCEU

Melhor Cover — voto popular
” We Got” — Shawn Mendes
“Poor Liar” — HAIM
“Issues” — Niall Horan
“Lost” — Khalid
“Say You won’t Let Go” — Camila Cabello Portable Machine Gun Kelly
“The Chain” — Harry Styles — VENCEU
“Touch” — Ed Sheeran
“The Tribute Song” — Thirty Seconds To Mars

Melhor Fã-Base — voto favorite
Arianators — Ariana Grande
Beliebers — Justin Bieber
Camilizers — Camila Cabello
Harmonizers — Fifth Harmony
Lovatics — Demi Lovato
Mendes Army — Shawn Mendes
Mixers — Small Mix
Selenators — Selena Gomez
Smilers — Miley Cyrus
Swifties — Taylor Swift

Melhor Clipe — voto favorite
“Poor Liar” — Selena Gomez
“Bodak Yellow” — Cardi B
“Despacito” — Luis Fonsi e Daddy Yankee
“I am The Only One” — DJ Khaled
“Look What You Made Me Do” — Taylor Swift
“Malibu” — Miley Cyrus
“New Rules” — Dua Lipa
“Shape Of You” — Ed Sheeran
“Sign Of The Times” — Harry Styles — VENCEU
” Sorry Not Sorry” — Demi Lovato
“Swish Swish” — Katy Perry
“That’s What I Like” — Bruno Mars
“There’s Nothing Holding Me” — Shawn Mendes

Estrela das Redes Sociais — voto popular
Andrew Huang
Anitta — VENCEU
Christian Collins
Conor Maynard
Gabbie Hanna
JoJo Siwa
Mariah Belgrod
Max & Harvey

Melhor Animal de Estimação de Artista (categoria nova) — voto popular
Batman — Demi Lovato
Bear Rexha — Bebe Rexha
Nugget — Katy Perry
Olivia — Taylor Swift
Pig Pig — Miley Cyrus
Toulouse — Ariana Grande — VENCEU

Melhor Boy Band (categoria nova) — voto popular
In Real Life
The Vamps
Why We Are

Melhor Artista Solo — voto popular
Camila Cabello
Harry Styles
Liam Payne
Louis Tomlinson — VENCEU
Niall Horan

Melhor Remix (categoria nova) — voto popular
“Bon Appétit” — Katy Perry, Migos e 3LAU
“Despacito” — Luis Fonsi e Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber
“do re mi” ” — blackbear feat. Gucci Mane
“Friends” — Justin Bieber Portable BloodPop com Julia Michaels
“Havana” — Camila Cabello e Daddy Yankee
“Homemade Dynamite” — Lorde, Khalid, Post Malone e SZA
“May I Have This Dance” — Francis & The Lights feat. Chance The Rapper
“Mi Gente” — J Balvin Portable Willy William feat. Beyoncé
“Reggaetón Lento” — CNCO e Small Mix — VENCEU

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