Radio City Music Hall sees Surprising benefits from ETC upgrade

Nicknamed the “Showplace of the Nation,” Radio City Music Hall is truly among the most iconic entertainment venues in the united states. After the stock exchange crashed in 1929, plans to an opera house fell through and John D. Rockefeller began looking for a way to turn the Manhattan land that currently retains Radio City Music Hall to a symbol of optimism and hope to the declining town. Since launching in 1932, over 300 million people have visited Radio City to see stage shows, movies, concerts and special events.

The Christmas Spectacular love the Radio City Rockettes predicts Radio City Music Hall home and for many years, the manufacturing rented 100% of their lighting inventory to successfully execute the technical elements of their shows.

At 2016 Radio City Music Hall decided to invest in a quality lighting rig that would be accessible to any act that came to the space.

Radio City kick line and ETC
Photo credit: RCMH and MSG

Larry Sedwick, senior vice president of manufacturing, The Madison Square Garden Company states, “The option to decide on ETC wasn’t a difficult one. We’d been using ETC fittings throughout the leasing marketplace for years and knew the quality we were obtaining. Radio City is reserved year-round involving the Christmas Dramatic and assorted events and concerts, so it was significant that all goods be improved to present the very best audience experience possible.”

Lighting designer David Agress stated that among the goals of the upgrade was supposed to switch to LED fittings.

With the help of all ETC rep, 4Wall Entertainment, Radio City shortly had simply finished 300 LED Series 2 Lustr fixtures ordered, set up, and engineered.

“The whole process from order to the very first live show of the year took no longer than fourteen days,” Remembers Al Ridella, 4Wall.

“We made the option to plan everything to fit that which we formerly had put up with the scrollers. Because you can imagine, it took a fraction of the opportunity to schedule the LEDs, and the series looks even better as it did before,” claims Agress.

It’s now been one year as ETC was introduced into Radio City. “For the 2017 series, we overhauled the tech in the Christmas Dramatic so it was paramount to have lighting to showcase those updates. With the new technology and the ETC fixtures, we are ready to immerse audiences from the series and supply them with a one-of-a-kind experience,” states Sedwick.

Radio City Reindeer and ETC
Photo credit: RCMH and MSG

The analysis Sedwick cites was no little project. Pictures for several of the amounts were programmed with innovative 14K electronic mapping technology. The LED wall that serves as the background for the Christmas Dramatic is also updated to one of the most significant 8K resolution LED displays on earth.

1 unexpected advantage Radio City noticed with the ETC LED fittings was the lack of lens flare. This ultimately serves to enhance the electronic projections that cover the ceiling and walls of the Music Hall. “It’s something we didn’t think about before buying the fixtures, but has been a fantastic added bonus to people,” Agress states.

Radio City Soldiers and ETC
Photo credit: RCMH and MSG

Each year, Christmas Dramatic grows and changes — it is never really the exact same series from 1 year to the next. While many of the amounts still remain from this very first operation in 1933, the series itself has kept up with the technology of the years. ETC is proud to be component of the development.

*All photos supplied by Radio City Music Hall.