WNKU DJ and kick starts a new podcast on Cincy Audio is picked up by INHAILER Radio

INHAILER Radio picks up before WNKU DJ and kick starts a new podcast on Cincy music

The online, community-based broadcaster is rolling out new updates and programs to help jumpstart your local music arena.

Lovers of radio and music, rejoice.

Although a void was left once, after three years on air, WNKU played its final broadcast in September, a comparatively new participant (among an area of several) has stepped in hoping to pick up where the beloved neighborhood music powerhouse left.

Photo courtesy INHAILER Radio

INHAILER Radio, also a volunteer-run, community-based, on line broadcasting platform, setup its Over-the-Rhine studio on Sycamore Street and just announced a slew of programming and upgrades–including involvement from a few well-known names from the WNKU roster.

Listeners can once again hear the familiar voice of DJ: Matt “Sledge” Waller, formerly at 97X WOXY and WNKU, who is the newest member of their INHAILER team. Like old days, you can grab Sledge every Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. broadcasting modern rock and some of his cherished ’80s new wave.

INHAILER also recently awakened Herzog Music (in which–in its prior life–artists like Hank Williams Sr. recorded hits) to establish the new podcast “Lost On The River.” The podcast features Aaron Sharpe (formerly of WNKU), Elias Leisring (of Eli’s BBQ), and Bill Furbee (of the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation). The series will take a look at the present state of music at the Queen City, and will explore the effect on its present day, Cincinnati’s music history.

Additionally test out INHAILER’s newest specialty program United Waves, including jams from all over the globe every Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m.

The broadcaster has on-air DJs from 7 a.m. to 7 pm, every weekday, along with specialty programming.

For more information or to listen, visit inhailer.com or download the program.

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